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The other option is to use the API to quickly delete and add the records in succession, should only take fractions of a second.
Thanks for explanations and your feedback. Cheers
If you have the Microsoft Management license installed, you can configure a gri...
As I think as I just replied to your other post, the approach we've taken is to...
If you want to catch more than just Mozilla as it's not the only thing out ther...
Thank you Paulr, we decided to use this version to anticipate the possibility that in version 8.3 there were still unexpected bugs, if version 8.3.0 had an issue it could be upgraded to version 8.3.6
As is usual with this type of question.... it depends what you are trying to do...
Good information
The feature is an RFE which is under consideration. The RFE number is RFE-9604.
ubuntu's ipmitool worked fine with: ipmitool -H <lom ip> -U <username> -P <password> -L OPERATOR -I lanplus sol activate

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