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Hello Garcia, My company filled a RFE aswell on this matter. We are waiting for answer from Infoblox. Regards, Julien Foll
Yes, although you used a fixed IP, the DHCP server will still ping the IP addre...
Infoblox supports multi-primary, both nodes need to be grid members though - is that what you mean?
Another way to do this is using the CSV export/import tool - you can modify the exported CSV file to set the field you need, then import back in using "override" mode.
Paul Could you give me more details of the part that needs to be modified in the XML file. I am also looking for a way to reset the password for a backup file that I have in my lab. BR
Thanks for your reply, i will probably do a csv extraction using a test machine, but before re-importing the data I will clean everything and leave only the data relating to my area. Matteo
So when you select this option and a client queries the server, you don’t need an ACL on the server to match the client (recursion desired) to the right view? Regards, Maurice
This answer might be very late, but adding this here for posterity and better G...
Hi all, It's an old post but did anyone find the solution? I am in the same situation but now with version 8.6.3.
Hi, i’m really interested in how you solved this?

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