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Can you please share your configuration of the option space and then for the option 60 settings? we have Cisco APs that have the same issue of not getting the option 43 settings...
Looking in CSV import reference there is allow_gss_tsig_zone_updates for DNS member but not for Authorative Zone. Did put this question to the SE's.
Old post but I add a reply as this is something that has been an issue multiple...
Hello Richard, Did the procedure you mentioned here worked ? we are planning to migrate from 1410 to V1415.
Hi Paul, Sorry to ask you from this thread as i dont know where to start it. i ...
Hi Paul, I know this is a very old threat, and you probably already got your an...
The local router needs to have two ip helpers configured to forward DHCP packets to both DHCP servers, if you only forward to one DHCP server you will likey have problems.
You need to engage your Infoblox supplier and ask them for some professional services to help you with this, it's impossible to make any recommendations without detailed knowledge of your environment.
I don't have anywhere to send the capture logs, how do I get them off the Infoblox appliance for analysis? Will they be in the support bundle?
Hi Paul, NIOS on Azure does currently require the 2 network interfaces to successfully deploy and boot. If you are not intending the use the MGMT interface, creating a small "dummy" subnet to drop that interface on is a workable option. Jason

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