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Yeah could be a version thing, I'm on 8.3.8 but we'll upgrade shortly
In that case I think you should ask them to provide the list of records that they believe aren't being removed, we might find that they belong to another application that is unrelated to dcpromo. Do you have the list?
Thank you for your reply. Everything is unchecked in the Security tab and I cou...
Now if they could just fix the general "navigation" issues, it would be a lot better (ie the UI forgetting which IP you had selected or which page you were on when you go "back", or being able to have multiple subnets open at once).
Hello, We're using Presto at school and need help configuring DNS forwarders on Infoblox. Is it possible to integrate Papertrailapp (an old version)? Should I contact Collobos Support perhaps? Scott Kemp
Hey Paul, I recently had a meeting with our DHCP SME in Engineering and the onl...
That is a product enhancement request, you'll need to log a ticket with Infoblo...
You need to define an alias on your web server, DNS cannot be used to shorten a URL like this.
This is a screenshot from my system running 8.5.1, is this what you are looking for?
I recall some conversations about this previously although I can't remember if ...

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