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Hello Paul, Thank you for your reply. If this happened right after a product up...
Because you are using the same "secondary" all the clients should move over by ...
What you could do, is whilst it's connected to the grid, make a grid master can...
I think you probably know the anwer, NIOS 8.0 went EOL on 10/25/2019, and your hardware went EOL earlier this year. I'm afraid your only solution is going to be to upgrade.
Yes you can mix hardware models whilst doing this, it's not supported for long term production running, but fine for short periods whilst doing the swapout, I have used this approach many times now.
This is quite a common problem with network management systems, they like to do...
Hi, You mention that you already configured the gss-tsig key, i assume you alre...
Maybe you have some clients trying to do DoH?
If you do forwarding and plan to use DNSSEC signing and validation, things may ...
I don't think it really matters what order you do them in - how did you get on with this anyway?

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