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Hi Paul, NIOS on Azure does currently require the 2 network interfaces to successfully deploy and boot. If you are not intending the use the MGMT interface, creating a small "dummy" subnet to drop that interface on is a workable option. Jason
Thank you for your inquiry and for posting your question in Community. We assum...
Thank you Paul, we try to separate the recursive site A&B, specify the Auth...
Thnx a lot for your help here Paul, much appreciated! I will need to test and post the solution.
I always try and use named ACLs instead of ACEs. ACEs are a nightmare to manage...
Alright, thanks alot. Will check from the serial to confirm that.
Infoblox doesn't automagically configure the resolution paths just because they...
"forward" zones can only use IP addresses.
Thanks guys, I need to double check this before I escalate it as my lab is in a bit of a mess tbh. Give me a couple days. Cheers.

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