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MS DHCP to DDI Migration - issu

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I am Looking to Migrate DHCP From MS to DDI Solution

I have static Reservation on MS DHCP - when i importing to DDI

I need to select each static Reservation IP and edit and Click None - this will take ages for me to complete Migration since each subnet have 100's of reservation for static IP.


how can this be simplified with select all static IP and make is None Open - either using API or directly updating Database ?


what is best option to overcome this - appriciated help


Re: MS DHCP to DDI Migration - issu

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Our PS do this with python scripts and custom applications internally at scale. So scripting is your best bet to modify that kind of data depending on how you output it

Re: MS DHCP to DDI Migration - issu

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Another way to do this is using the CSV export/import tool - you can modify the exported CSV file to set the field you need, then import back in using "override" mode.

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