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Exciting New Release: NIOS 9.0.4 is Here!

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Infoblox is thrilled to announce the general availability of NIOS 9.0.4, the latest iteration of our flagship Network Identity Operating System (NIOS). Building on 25 years of providing reliable, secure and market-leading network solutions, this release brings new features designed to enhance visibility, uptime, DNS security and automation in hybrid multi-cloud environments. 


What's New in NIOS 9.0.4? 


Solve Multi-Cloud Challenges 

In today's complex multi-cloud, multi-regional and multi-account environments, ensuring asset discovery, resiliency and consistency is crucial. Key enhancements addressing these challenges include: 



  • High Availability (HA) in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enhances reliability and application uptime with HA redundancy across public cloud platforms, effectively avoiding single points of failure. 
  • Virtual Advanced DNS Protection (vADP) for AWS enables uptime and avoids disruptions by detecting and mitigating the widest range of DNS attacks in AWS. 



  • NIOS Read Synchronization with Azure Cloud-Native DNS delivers improved visibility, consistency and user experience in NIOS and Azure environments. 
  • DHCP Services for Azure allows vNIOS on Azure to provide DHCP services to on-prem clients for hybrid cloud migration, consistency and better user experience. 



  • vDiscovery for AWS Multi-Accounts, AWS GovCloud and Shared Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) in GCP simplifies discovery tasks, increases efficiency and improves admin control. 
  • NIOS Sync with Amazon Route 53 Multi-Account (Subset Lists) boosts system security and control by extending discovery, visibility and synchronization to multiple accounts. 


Strengthen Critical Network and Value-Added Solutions 

NIOS 9.0.4 empowers networking and security teams with robust control features to manage automated asset discovery, visibility into contextual data, and protocol encryption to protect network infrastructure. Notable enhancements include: 



  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.3 uses enhanced protocol encryption to harden system security to meet stringent government and enterprise security compliance standards. 



  • Source IP Address in the Web API allows admins to specify and send source IP addresses in the web application programming interface (WAPI) for greater IPAM visibility, service uptime and business continuity. 
  • Network Insight Device Location Sync to IP Address Management (IPAM) synchronizes the discovered network device location and SysContact information for contextual insight, faster issue resolution and remediation. 



  • Network Insight Polling Frequency Modifier accelerates asset discovery to save time or reduce discovery rates to avoid overloading the system for better user experience and control. 


Accelerate Time-to-Value 

NIOS 9.0.4 simplifies and accelerates application deployment, ensuring business continuity and enhancing ROI with verified platform integrations and plug-ins: 



  • NIOS Terraform IPAM Plug-In 2.6.0 automates management of objects in both NIOS and Terraform, streamlining workload orchestration, improving accuracy and reducing time-to-value. 
  • NIOS VMware IPAM Plug-In 6.1.0 streamlines and automates IP address provisioning and de-provisioning for recent vRA/vRO 8.8.2 upgrades to deliver continuity in hybrid workloads. 


Learn More 

Please visit the NIOS 8.x/9.x and Hybrid, Multi-Cloud microsites on You can also contact your account team or access the Infoblox DDI Product Evaluation Portal for a free 60-day trial to start your journey towards a more reliable, secure and automated hybrid and multi-cloud network. 

Re: Exciting New Release: NIOS 9.0.4 is Here!

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Hi - the LAN2 issue is preventing many customers from the upgrade. Customers loose trust in product if I have to implement 2 HotFixes from day one Smiley Sad

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