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This is working as expected but ran into one issue, the hostname is case sensit...
Hi, It seems to be an issue with the way you are passing the parameters. This i...
In this case we're making a single host record, and then assigning the IP addre...
Hello, same problem with AWX and Infloblox Python client AWX 9.2.0 with Ansible 2.9.3 infoblox-client was installed on python venv used by awx with pip2 and pip3 . any help is appreciated
""" Provided in this module are the 6 signature methods that define interaction...
Thanks. I'll look into it. Sadly even the old fix is not yet available in any official Ansible release.
Hi, You can try the following command: curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET "https:...
I can confirm this issue is resolved in Ansible 2.9.5. Not quite spring, but close.
H, You can use the next_available_network function like below: curl -k -u admin...

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