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Krishna, using this same methodology, can you post an example of searching for a host record, and then deleting it? I can't seem to get the various commands (GET/POST/DELETE) to behave, and would appreciate seeing a common methodology. Thanks!
Hi, You can use the remove_subnets aguments available with the network containe...
Hi, This could be because you do not have the appropriate IPv4 reverse mapping ...
I finally had time to circle back to this issue. I changed my API user to the a...
Hi everyone, I exported all ipv4address to json format show the Last discovered ="1593748629" What does it mean about "1593748629" BR, Kittitara.
OK, great! You said the magic words: “Customer requirement”. I run into a lot of people in my job who have never heard of a host record, and are simply unaware of its role.
Any chance somebody has this in PowerShell?
How would one add Extensible Attibutes to this script. Assume EA1 = a number 999, and EA2 = "text"
curl -k -u admin:infoblox -H 'content-type: application/json' -X POST "https://...
I would suggest that you compare where infoblox-client is installed vs ansible ...

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