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Hi, There is a trailing space while passing your parameters in your curl comman...
Hi, You can do so using the following API call: curl -k -u admin:Infoblox -X GET ""
Hi, In my sample, i used the member object and not the member:dns object. Could you change that and check? In member:dns, the additional_ip_list indicates the list of additional IP addresses on which DNS is enabled for a Grid member.
Hi, Here is a sample code that you can use to query cname records: import reque...
Hi Kvasundevan, In the above example, can I use multiple arguments like host_name and Ip_address and and then the result should be satisfying both of the conditions.??
Has someone another idea that I can test to identify the failure? Thank you.
Hi, If you do not want to use the import CSV file option, you can use the reque...
Hi, From the error message, it looks like you have made a typo: configue_for_dhcp. It should be configure_for_dhcp. Regards, Krishna Vasudevan
Hi Ashley, The network has to exist in the Infoblox grid. If it already doesn't, first create the network on the grid. Then, trigger this WAPI call. Regards, Krishna

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