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I ran into this same issue. In my case I am using the infoblox plugin for vRA a...
This worked to add a forward zone and set the forward IPs. However, it does not work (on my setup at least) because it does not set anything under the 'Name Servers' tab (see below). How would I add these using the playbook?
This line indicates a DNS record: `n `"name`":`"`", Try a name that is not an fqdn, for example: `n `"name`":`"wapi`",
Hi, Need to assistant! Now when I have an Extra attribute value created, how do I attach this to network object? And also if I want to modiy inhetitance state to 'inhereted' on same API request. Thanks in advance Patric
Hello Krishna, thank you for your helpful work, I try to import the environment file on Postman Version Postman v10.6.7 and is fail. Could you help me? THX and Kind Regards Valentin
Hi I'm trying to get all the records of any particular network. Can you advise ...
Unable to delete host records using below playbook - name : Remove host record ...
Hi did you get the code? Would love to see. @kvasudevan wrote: Hi, Could you please sharethe powershell code? Regards, Krishna
Hi Jeffoire, Thanks for your input. I have checked the script that generates th...
Thank you for the idea...I am now working with our internal Firewall and Networ...

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