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It may be worth mentioning that the WAPI is not limited to 1000 records if you set _max_results and _paging. e.g. https:// {{grid_master}} /wapi/v2.10.5/network?_max_results=1000&_paging=1&_return_as_object=1
I would like a better understanding of Structs vs. Objects so having examples using Structs would be great. Specifically, pulling NTP (Grid & Member) data would be very helpful.
This syntax works in Postman https:// {{grid_master}} /wapi/v2.10.5/network?_max_results=1000&_paging=1&_return_as_object=1
Here is a link to the RAW policy that shows how to use the list https://raw.git...
Sorry I checked my playbook again and you were correct. I had the range from 70 - 73 and it should have been 70 - 72. I changed it and it’s working now.
So sorry about this late reply, I missed it Try using this method instead easy.send_command('copy startup-config scp://' + scp_user +':' + scp_pass + '@ \r\r\r')
@MRichard, Thank you. Here see the update: - We have checked all those items an...
I would reach out to your account team, we can get this fix for you
Try this https://grid_master/wapi/v2.7/member If that fails are you an admin, or have some restrictions?

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