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Support told me to use the send_async_command and add a regex pattern to match ...
Thanks for sharing the discussion forum with us !
You can exclude them from the Group and/or create another group with those devices base on the custom fields.
Please start a new thread with what you are trying to accomplish Not jus via XML but the end goal of your rule checking
Hi all, I'm using Notepad++ to read some PPCL (proprietary Siemens language). T...
I know it's from 5 years ago. Can you help upload those examples again? I am trying to figure out how to create templates, rules from a list. Can you also point me to some good resource regarding using 'Lists'? Thanks a lot.
My intent to write an XML script is that If i have 6 "AAA" coomands defined in a...
So sorry I missed this Can you posted how you would do it manually and I would create a script for you
I don't understand what the issue is with verifying the v2 community string. It...

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