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Thank you both. I wanted to have it as a rule and plicy compliance, but as I understood this isn't possible so I created the script mentioned above. Thanks
You need to add Action-Timeout: 1500 1500 = 25 minutes in seconds
Why kind of data are you looking to get? You can look at putting the data into ...
Hi Sif, I have a question for you. i'm trying to write a python script to gener...
Everyone is satisfied with the answers given by you. Thanks, for your support.
We have not implemented this enhancement yet but are targeting a number of scripting enhancements for the next release cycle. Please work with your account team to have RFE-4552 prioritized.
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The before mentioned issue with the job/details/device_files call now works in ...
Any chance you would be willing to share the rest of what you have built for yo...

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