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Thanks Sif, I cant seem to locate my original Perl script at the moment, but th...
Please open a support case, I remember doing this years ago, but not what the solution was
You can use the following install remove inactive \ry or is it install remove inactive y \r Will do it for you
Please post new questions not recycle this one. It takes 24 hours to reset, you can force it on the CLI at reset cli
That does the trick, I appreciate it!
So the solution I mention above solves the issue
Please start a new question with a link to this one?
The AttributeError is an exception thrown when an object does not have the attr...
I would open a support ticket
Here you go https://GridMasterIP/wapi/v2.9.7/record:ptr? ?ptrdname~=wnw7& _return_type=json-pretty&view=Internal For future, you can also check out my site Let me know if you have any questions

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