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Hello Nir, I've replicated the exact error you see, by changing the member to s...
Yepp i came up with this "pretty" looking task. I had to use selectattr('name',...
Thanks, this worked. As a follow up is it possible to just modify the addess's being used with that snippet?
Thanks a lot for providing this!
Yeah, I guess that's why it doesn't work. You can't do both in one step. When working with a network template, you first have to create the network and then assign the VLAN.
Note that logging_categories is a field, and loggingcategories is a structure. ...
Haha! Good catch! I just used the code converted by Postman. Regards, Krishna
Sorry I checked my playbook again and you were correct. I had the range from 70 - 73 and it should have been 70 - 72. I changed it and it’s working now.
Hi, Could you also please share the playbook you are using? Regards, Krishna

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