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I realize that asking questions in a very old thread might not be the best way - so I created a new thread instead /Anders
Hi Robert, were you able to resolve your issue? I'm having a similar problem, w...
Do you have an example of how to over-wright an existing Extensible Attribute array?
I have some basic examples out in Github. Feel free to use them:
Hi Krishna, Thanks a lot for your helpful post. However, we are in a situation where we created the VLAN ranges via API calls. Is it possible to reserve in the process of VLAN range creation e.g. 1st 2 VLANs as reserved? Regards Tarik
From an IPAM perspective, a DHCP range is considered "utilized" and those addre...
Hi guys, I am new to Infoblox and just started our journey to use Ansible playb...
To use a name server group instead of a individual or a set of name servers, you would use the field ns_group instead of the fields grid_primary , external_primary , grid_secondaries or external_secondaries .
You can do this using the multiple body request discussed above. In this exampl...
tried to run this: $host_details = @" { `"name`": `"$servername`", `"ipv4addrs`...

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