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I don't think the method for generation of a _ref is documented anywhere. They ...
You can do this using the multiple body request discussed above. In this exampl...
Be sure recursion is enabled too. The DNS servers will need recursion enabled, so they can resolve DNS records that aren't in the AD zones.
Hi Raj, It seems there are some issues in your curl commands: Use -X instead of...
So if allrecords isn't an object type, is there a call/search I can make simila...
Hi further to this one more if any of the services are red then the entire grid will be showing failed, or it will be showing as working Thanks....Mahendra
tried to run this: $host_details = @" { `"name`": `"$servername`", `"ipv4addrs`...
To perform API calls, you will ned an API token. Create a service account (Admi...
I had the same issue and resolved it by ensuring the Content-Type header was this: content-type: application/force-download __PRESENT

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