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Yes you can do this by using the next_available_ip function against the parent network.
The ticket number needs to be placed in the arguments section of the URL. curl ...
First, retrieve the host record, and then extract the list of IP addresses. The...
Hi MRichard, Thank you for your reply, however I think if there is an attribute...
Ok clear, I had the same issue.
Hi, This is a known bug: NIOS-85974. Support told me it it is targeted to be fixed in 8.6.3 and 9.0. In the meantime you can work around generating a CSV import file and using a CSV upload over WAPI. Regards, Christina.
Take a look at the enable_dns field on the member:dns object.
Unfortunately no, when searching you will need to specify either the IP address or the network containing the IP address you're looking for.
I was missing the use_for_ea_inheritance attribute. Once I added that to my WAPI call creating host records started working as expected. Thanks for your help.

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