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Dear All, Working with cookie re-use. Problem stands resolved. Thanks to all for their valuable inputs. Regards, AJ
that was exactly what I was trying to get. Thanks.
Hi, I understood the logic, I was getting an error because I wrote ipv4_addr after A record. Thank you very much for your answers.
Hi Shukran, your request body works, and thanks for that. However, after I appl...
Thanks, Shukran. That fixed it. Is there a way to avoid of put _ref_ in the PUT request? Leo
Hello, I believe we can set the using the options parameter in the nios_network...
Just wanted to post a follow-up. I could never get the extattrs to work on the ...
The playbook looks good. You could check if the ansible or infoblox-client need...
To find a network container, you specify the object type as networkcontainer in...
Ok clear, I had the same issue.

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