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Note that logging_categories is a field, and loggingcategories is a structure. ...
Haha! Good catch! I just used the code converted by Postman. Regards, Krishna
Sorry I checked my playbook again and you were correct. I had the range from 70 - 73 and it should have been 70 - 72. I changed it and it’s working now.
Hi, Could you also please share the playbook you are using? Regards, Krishna
Hi kvasudevan, Ahh that makes sense. So it can't be any random member parameter. I got it now. Thank you for the clarification of what it's looking for! Best regards, Harriet
This is really helpful. Thank you!
Here is what it looks like in Python. Pretty simple. #!/usr/bin/env python3 imp...
Hi, I get it now. So, if you just need to return the extensible attributes, the...
I'm creating two network and assigning 2 IP addresses out of each one. vars: cl...

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