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Find subnet given device IP

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I'm doing a piece of work to locate a bunch of devices across our network. I have a list of IP addresses but don't have the masks associated with each device.

With the mask I can soon determine which subnet the device is on and where it is in our network.


Is anyone able to suggest a method of using the API to return the subnet or mask for a given IP as per the data held in InfoBlox?



Re: Find subnet given device IP

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You can use the “contains_address” query to find the network (and mask) that any given IP belongs to in the database. Look at the network object in the WAPI or PAPI documentation to see information on its usage. I think that’s what you’re looking for.

Re: Find subnet given device IP

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via - REST api




network: ""

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Re: Find subnet given device IP

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Isn't that just a string search? The host address is not actually in the network

That network contains host addresses in the range -

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