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How to handle record duplication in multiple objects request

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I'm calling /wapi/v2.7.3/request with such kind of body to improve efficiency

{ "method": "POST", "object": "record:a", "data":{"name":"", "ipv4addr":"", "view":"internal"}},
{ "method": "POST", "object": "record:a", "data":{"name":"", "ipv4addr":"", "view":"internal"}},
{ "method": "POST", "object": "record:a", "data":{"name":"", "ipv4addr":"", "view":"internal"}}

 but I met a problem, one of the record is already there, so the whole request failed with error.

My requirement is :

if there is no record there, create one; otherwise, update the record to the new value

similar to the "upsert" logic in database.


Is there a way to implement it in one multiple objects request?

Any suggestion?


Re: How to handle record duplication in multiple objects request

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The request object is used as a single point of entry to make multiple calls. It is not meant for the purpose of implementing a conditional logic.


You can try doing a CSV import instead. For more information, refer to the "Import a CSV file" section in the WAPI reference guide here


Here is a sample CSV format you can use.

ARecord,	,,internal
ARecord,	,,internal

Hope this helps,


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