Infoblox DDI Integration with VRA/RO

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Hello All,


I need your help about Infoblox DDI Integration with VRA/RO On ESX without CNA license. I have reviewed the doeployment guide for integration. However, ıt bases on the schenerio that is related to Cloud Network. That's why, I cannot proceed on the customer side.


Thank you inadvance.

Re: Infoblox DDI Integration with VRA/RO

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The VMware IPAM Plugin Deployment Guide does describe things based on using CNA; however, CNA is not required. The main difference is with CNA is that you use the cloudapi-only group/Cloud API role and all steps can be completed with a standard group and permissions without CNA.


The requirement/suggestion to set Allowed Interfaces configuration to API -> Cloud API -> Cloud API Only (No PAPI)) in the group properties would still apply.




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