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Infoblox Integration with NAC solution e.g with ForeScout

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Hello All,


I need your support to integrate Active Trust with Forescout NAC without Newtwork Insight Solution. Does anyone know how can be done it ? I have deployed NEtwork Insigt solution to integrate with Cisco ISe for pxgrid. However, we have now securirty eco system license so I need to do it with the license. is it possible?


Thank you in advance


Re: Infoblox Integration with NAC solution e.g with ForeScout

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Hello aTurkofAcun,


You can just set up everything normaly with security events then follow the steps in this link to get the integrtation working:




If your looking for additional support you can contact support from support.infoblox.com and somone should beable to talk with you.


Thank you,

Kevin Zettel

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