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I'm trying to retrieve network details from an Infoblox network using the following WAPI call: https://[server]/wapi/v1.2.1/network?network=


This will return the Router, DNS servers, etc, settings defined in the "IPv4 DHCP Options" section of the network-edit dialog, but only if the values have been specified on that network.  If the network has those values Inherited, then the WAPI call does not return the values.  Is there a way of also retrieving the inherited values?  In the GUI these values appear grayed out with a message under them saying something like "Inherited from Grid".


This is at a client site, but we've also tried to mimic this in a lab to have better control over it.  We've setup the DHCP properties for the Grid (under the Grid tab) with values similar to what we've seen at the client, but for some reason the network doesn't say the same thing as at the client site.  Is there something missing so that these values are applied to the networks as Inherited?



Did you find an answer to

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Did you find an answer to your question? i am facing the same challenge to retrieve values that are inherited from the grid.


or is there a way to get de Grid DHCP ip4 options ?

No way

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I don't think there was a way to get it.  Just a limitation to note / work past.

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