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WAPI to collect DNS statistics

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I have a quick question. Is it possible to get DNS and DHCP statistics using the Infoblox WAPI (or PAPI)? For example how many DNS requests it got over IPv6 the last hour or day? Or is it only something you do with SNMP?


Couldn't find it in the documentation wapidoc.






Re: WAPI to collect DNS statistics

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Currently leveraging SNMP, dashboard metrics, Infoblox Reporting, and 'show dns stats' from the CLI are the methods to obtain these types of statistics.


Hope that helps!

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Re: WAPI to collect DNS statistics

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You can also export the DNS Stats for members using PAPI Session export_data()


dnsStats       - Export the DNS statistics file of a member. Exported file is in "tar.gz" format. The             |
 |                  following parameter is also available:                                                           |
 | member         - Required. The member from which you want to download the DNS statistics file. 


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