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CCS Netmri Trigger template question

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Hello I'm wriring a script that look at the output command below:

Switch#sh cdp nei | i Nexus
                 Gig 2/0/1         162              S I   Nexus1000 control0
                 Gig 2/0/35        162              S I   Nexus1000 Eth 13/4
                 Gig 2/0/42        162              S I   Nexus1000 Eth 13/3
                 Gig 2/0/6         162              S I   Nexus1000 Eth 14/4
                 Gig 2/0/2         162              S I   Nexus1000 Eth 14/3


And on trigger I have


    $sx_mod int
    $sx_port int
    $sxn1k_vem int
    $sxn1k_nic /\d+/ number

       Gig [[$sx_mod]]/0/[[$sx_port]].*Eth [[$sxn1k_vem]]/[[$sxn1k_nic]]


When the regular expression is matched aginst the "sh cdp nei | i Nexus" Command (I used the Regular Expression Test Tool), since the first line contain control0 and not a number the match is:


16:21:27      Trigger-Template
16:21:27       Template matches
16:21:27       Gig (2)/0/(1).*Eth (13)/(4)
 16:21:27      Trigger-Variables
 16:21:27           $sx_mod = '2'
 16:21:27           $sx_port = '1'
 16:21:27           $sxn1k_vem = '13'
 16:21:27           $sxn1k_nic = '4'
 16:21:27      Trigger-Commands
 16:21:27           SET: $donothing = "true"



As you see Gig 2/0/1 is not on the same line as Eth 13/4.

From my point of view is that I should define the regular expression with end of line caracter, I tried with $ (as in regex but is not working. It seams that Trigger-Template expression is not matched agains each line but on the whole text.


Where I'm wrong ?


Re: CCS Netmri Trigger template question

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The .* in regex will include end of line.  Try using .+ instead.  I am assuming you don't want any match on the first line.


http://www.tutorialspoint.com/ruby/ is a pretty good resource.


Let us know if this works, I didn't try it.


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