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Summer Reading List: Learning CoreDNS by John Belamaric and Cricket Liu

Are you fishing for the thriller book of the summer? Look no further.


John Belamaric and I have teamed up to write a book called Learning CoreDNS: Configuring DNS for Cloud-Native Environments. It will be published by O’Reilly Media later this summer. Here’s a sneak peek at the early release on O’Reilly’s Safari platform


About the Book


Learning CoreDNS covers everything from basic DNS theory and configuration of CoreDNS to integration with Kubernetes, rewriting queries and responses and writing your own plugin. John and I co-wrote this book based on the assumption that readers are eager to learn more about CoreDNS. We also felt gravely concerned about the shortage of books for the IT community featuring weird-looking fish.


CoreDNS and Why it Matters for Cloud-Native Computing


CoreDNS is an open-source DNS server designed to support service discovery in containerized environments, especially those managed by Kubernetes. It’s different from other DNS servers because it chains plugins, which can support additional features. The server can also be used for integration with hybrid cloud environments.


Want to know more? Read the book! The Netflix series is still in the works so readers will have to wait for that.


About the Authors


John Belamaric is a former colleague of mine who escaped to Google. He is an experienced software engineer and architect with over 20 years of software design and development experience. Now he works on the Google Cloud team, focused on Kubernetes and GKE. He is also a core maintainer of CoreDNS. He was one of the authors of OpenStack Cloud Application Development


As for me, I used to say that I wrote all of O’Reilly’s books on DNS but apparently, they deviously published a new one recently, so now I’m the author of all but one of their DNS books.


Stay tuned for the official release date. Enjoy!

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