Using DTC to send zone APEX to CloudFront

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Hi Guys,


We just migrate our main cache layer to CloudFront but we have a problem with the zone apex.


We were using DTC (only A object) to control the IPs under our zone apex and as soon as we migrate, we realize that the zone apex was unstable when we were trying to resolve the MX registry of that zone.


Does someone here have any idea how to do that without interfere on RFC (


Have any way to use alias registry on DTC or Infoblox?




Re: Using DTC to send zone APEX to CloudFront

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Managing apex level alias/cname resolution can be tricky since as you noted, this violates the RFC. With NIOS version 8.3, Infoblox now also supports alias records at the Apex level; however, with or without DTC, when working with third-party services, you may not see the expected behavior as they may not accept these records.




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