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Infoblox-Cisco integrations will make you a Networking and Security superhero

If you are one of those IT pros who live day in and day out thinking about Cisco and Infoblox, there are many reasons to smile☺.  You now have more opportunities to integrate them together to get the benefit of automation, data sharing, and enhanced security from cyber attacks by combining the power of Infoblox and Cisco networking and security products.



You deserve to be recognized as a superhero

Network engineers, architects, and operations teams who make sure IT infrastructure runs smoothly and the security architects, analysts, and operations teams who make sure it is secure should be the real superheroes. They are the ones who ensure the organizations can stay in business and protect their critical data and infrastructure.



Your days don't go easy now

In order to ensure that the network is always available and data is secured, these teams rely on a wide array of network and security tools. Often these tools exist in silos, which makes the job of network pros really difficult. Consider doing this every day: 

  • constantly monitor logs from different apps/platforms
  • deal with multiple user interfaces from different apps
  • bring reelevant data together from each application

Consolidating the information and resolving problems is usually a manual process. Even if there are tools available for this exercise, they haven't been very effective. And moreover, the adoption of these tools has been limited thus far.


Disconnected tools and lack of integrations mean you are battling cyber attackers with stale threat intelligence that lacks context.


You also don't have visibility into threats that are constantly evolving - both in number as well as sophistication.  This results in slower malware detection and resolution, errors and missed vulnerabilities.   If you are in the business of serving European Union consumers, you’d better be prepared to be able to detect threats and communicate them within 72 hours to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is coming into effect in May 2018.


It is like going to war with sophisticated cyber attackers with system logs. Can you win this war?


Infoblox Answer to Network and Operational Challenges


In order to address the above challenges, Infoblox partnered with Cisco and built several integrations. The joint solutions help network and security teams gain visibility, automate actions, prioritize based on context and ensure access to the most up to date threat intelligence. Infoblox integrations with Cisco improve situational awareness with the use of accurate threat intelligence to ensure timely response to threats with network and security context.



Infoblox integrations with Cisco fall into 2 categories






Cisco has a broad portfolio of products that focus on different aspects of the network and threat intelligence. Infoblox has built integrations with multiple Cisco products to provide comprehensive context. The integrations in the Security category include:


Infoblox TIDE + Cisco Threat Intelligence Director


Infoblox TIDE Integration with Cisco Threat Intelligence Director Gives You Network Attack Context with Prioritized Alerts


Infoblox Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE) is a single platform that aggregates feeds from the government, marketplace and open source tools.




Imagine knowing not only that there is an attack on the network, but also the actual malicious domain names, IP Addresses, and the URLs to quickly block those URLs right from your Cisco Threat Intelligence Director.  You have a shortlist of alerts to review as they got prioritized based on the threat level.


That’s exactly what you can do with Infoblox TIDE and Cisco Threat Intelligence Director joint solution.


In other words, Infoblox augments Cisco Threat Intelligence Director with much-needed context – who, what, when, and where.  With that information, network administrators have more ammunition in their hands to battle the bad actors.


Infoblox ActiveTrust® platform + Cisco ISE


Infoblox ActiveTrust&reg Platform and Cisco ISE Integration Increases security response accuracy and timeliness.



The Infoblox ActiveTrust® platform and Cisco Identity Services Engine(ISE) joint solution enhances security-response accuracy and timeliness, expands visibility and facilitates sharing of information between network and security teams. Cisco shares device context with Infoblox while Infoblox network context is published to pxGrid, allowing network admins to automate and reduce security-response time.


Network Automation and Cloud

Cisco has multiple products to address deployments, network management, and cloud orchestration. Infoblox has built integrations with all these products to increase network efficiency and reduce errors with automation.


Infoblox Integration with Cisco ACI Solution:

Infoblox gives device information, IP addresses, and DHCP data to Cisco ACI thereby extending the ACI telemetry with visibility into IP addresses and DNS records for VMs. The joint solution allows for the policy-based assignment of networks, IP addresses, and DNS records. Thus, Infoblox and Cisco ACI integrations improve visibility, automate processes, and improve operational efficiency for joint customers.


Infoblox Integration with Cisco DNA Center:

Infoblox is the IP address management (IPAM) solution for Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) center. IP address pools are synchronized between DNA Center and Infoblox. Thus, with this integration, customers can automation IP address allocation enabling policy-based deployment in a single operation, thereby improving operational efficiencies.


Infoblox integration with Cisco Tetration Analytics:



Infoblox shares IPAM and DNS information with Cisco Tetration and Cisco Tetration shares endpoints, inventory, Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and flow data to the Infoblox compliance engine. Thus, Infoblox and Cisco Tetration joint solution enables customers to enforce policies to address violations detected by the Infoblox compliance engine, and ensure ongoing compliance.



Infoblox integration with Cisco CloudCenter:

Infoblox provides IPAM and DNS updates to Cisco CloudCenter. The joint solution automates the assignment of DNS records and IP addresses to automate infrastructure deployment, thus improving operational efficiency for joint customers. 


Infoblox and Cisco joint solutions allow customers to integrate different tools, exchange data and intelligence, increase agility and improve visibility. They allow networking and security teams to become superheroes who get their job done faster and get more of out their security and networking investments.


Where can you go from here?



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