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Infoblox announces industry-first cloud-managed DDI for the branch office

Optimize your cloud experience in the branch with BloxOne DDI



There is something exciting going on in our industry: organizations are going through digital transformation to improve business outcomes. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how enterprises operate and deliver value to customers. As the industry leader in core network services, we see a tremendous opportunity in helping businesses go through this transition.


Cloud and software-defined technologies are proving crucial to digital transformation. With its cloud-native, software-defined architecture, BloxOne DDI is a revolutionary new offering from Infoblox for core network services such as DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management.


BloxOne DDI is cloud-managed. Control and management functions are moved to the cloud, leaving a lightweight virtual appliance on-premise. This virtual appliance is available as a virtual machine or a container.


Digital transformation spans several industries – banking, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing – to name a few. Initially, BloxOne DDI is focused on branch offices, remote locations and retail stores for the globally distributed enterprise.


The on-premise virtual appliance processes DNS & DHCP requests locally and radically improve application performance. It guarantees that remote users connect to the closest entry point in the cloud for SaaS applications like Office365.  For example, a branch office or retail store in Miami, Florida would want to be connected to the cloud close to Miami, rather than having its DNS requests backhauled to the company’s headquarters in Boise, Idaho. BloxOne DDI connects users to the closest entry point in the cloud and vastly improves SaaS application performance.


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BloxOne DDI provides local survivability.  This is big for industries like retail, manufacturing and oil & gas. If a Point-of-Sale system or a drilling machine with hundreds of connected sensors cannot get IP addresses due to lack of access to headquarters, all business operations would come to a complete halt.


Cloud-based management makes life easier for the network administrator by allowing automation at scale. Provisioning, management, and policy control can be automated from a central point in the cloud for all remote locations, such as retail stores.  


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Lastly, Infoblox’s subscription-based consumption model provides access to the latest technology at a low entry cost to prevent the need for predicting and overprovisioning for future demand.


In a nutshell, BloxOne DDI offers simplicity and speed for a reliable computing experience anywhere and at any scale



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