Is Your DNS Trying to Tell You Something?

It would seem like lately our network services infrastructure – specifically our DNS infrastructure – has been trying to send us a message.


On DNS Flag Day, misconfigured or outdated DNS servers (or even misconfigured network devices) will be at risk of not resolving the public domain names they host.


In the last few days, Azure customers lost their Databases due to a failure in Microsoft’s External DNS provider.


So what is the message we seem to be getting (or missing)? Enterprises need to invest time and care to good-old core network services, including DNS!


Core network services such as DNS are not in most IT teams’ top-of-mind, so it’s very easy to become focused on applications and initiatives that depend on DNS, forgetting to pay the same focus to DNS itself.


And when issues do arise and we need to pay attention, we are tempted by short-term fixes and workarounds; but these “fixes” eventually start showing side-effects.


As the DNS Experts, Infoblox can help.


Infoblox makes it easier for enterprise customers to

1) maintain their DNS software up-to-date

2) apply sound configuration practices across all their DNS infrastructure

3) provide expert technical support and advise when issues arise


If you’re ready to pay some attention to good-old DNS, contact Infoblox today!

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Demo: Infoblox IPAM plug-in integration with OpenStack Newton