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Why Does Infoblox score MVP status within Large Sports and Concert Arenas?

A big part of attending a professional or college sporting event or concert isn’t just about the game or concert itself, but also the overall experience. Having reliable and secure core network is critical to the customers overall experience.  


Many professional and college sports arenas and concert venues are building technology stacks to deliver in-seat ordering for concessions, team clothing, concert t-shirts, as well as delivering content and video pertaining to the event.  Sporting and Concert Venues compete with busy schedules, HDTV, and always-on streaming. To keep us coming to games and concerts, they need to offer an optimal technology experience, and  this makes the complete venue experience absolutely critical.


This is where Infoblox comes in.  Infoblox, the global leader in Secure Cloud-Managed Network services, provides a foundation for sports and concert venues to build a highly available, secure, and resilient DNS and DHCP environment, while providing complete visibility and automation to IP Provisioning.  Working closely with leading NAC and WLAN providers, Infoblox develops bullet-proof designs to provide highly available DNS, DHCP and automation of IPAM provisioning and visibility.


Infoblox is proud to call some of the largest and most successful sporting and concert venues in the world as customers. As many of these venues build out their next generation platforms, they are implementing cloud and virtualization. With Infoblox’s ability to seamlessly integrate with leading cloud and virtualization technologies, we are providing automation, security, and resiliency to critical core services in both physical and virtual environments, on- and off-premises.


You can learn more about Infoblox’s leading DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management solution here, as well as learn about our enablement within Cloud and Virtual environments here.


The Infoblox team would welcome the opportunity to meet with your organization to share more details about how leading sporting and concert venues rely on Infoblox.

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