A Reason to Celebrate

In a world of ever-multiplying deadlines, commitments, and distractions, it’s not often that I get a chance to sit back and reflect upon my journey as CEO of Infoblox and how far we’ve come. But as we approach a few major milestones and anniversaries this year, I feel immense excitement and pride as I think back on what we’ve accomplished.


Next year marks Infoblox’s 20th anniversary, and our journey as a company has been remarkable. For nearly two decades our team has been helping customers secure their networks with next-level reliability and automation. It’s easy to map out our path with numbers alone, as we’ve reached numerous milestones this year.


  • Infoblox saw topline growth in the mid-teens this past year, and surpassed 8,000 customers across the globe.
  • We’ve reached approximately 50 percent market share, continuing our place as a leader in DDI.
  • More than 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust us to manage complex network demands.
  • We’re able to draw on 14 billion threat indicators and more than 30 API-level security vendor integrations.


These numbers speak volumes about how we’ve been able to help customers protect their networks against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. But at the same time, our journey is about more than metrics. It’s about the people, the collaboration and the innovation that have led Infoblox to such success.


November marks our two-year anniversary since Infoblox was acquired by Vista Equity Partners. The transition from public to private was a major one, and it had a momentous impact on our journey. Working with Vista has been an impetus for major innovation and transformation that has allowed us to grow to where we are today. Vista has built an impressive portfolio of companies and a collaborative culture that we all benefit from.  With the help of Vista we have been able to implement business and operational improvements we wouldn’t have conceived of on our own.


Infoblox’s success rests on the shoulders of our incredibly hard-working team and the customers who continue to trust us to protect such an important part of their organization. As we look ahead to the future, I know it will be this same dedication and trust that will lead us to our next major milestones. Thank you to all of our employees and our customers for helping to drive such a remarkable journey.

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