A Simple and Secure Network Experience

Over the past 20 years, the technological world around us has drastically changed. The proliferation of smart devices—in our pockets, our homes, our hospitals—was only the beginning. Now, software is a service. Unknown devices are attaching to networks from anywhere. Data traffic is exploding exponentially—and so are cyberthreats. Now, enterprises are moving not just to the cloud but to multi-cloud environments. And the traditional network perimeter has vanished.


It’s undeniable that technology advancements drive unprecedented growth and new possibilities. And yet enterprises increasingly depend on the strength and security of the network. For nearly every organization today, that network is the Internet. The challenge is that traditional network approaches can no longer keep pace. There are too many boxes, too many devices, never enough time and too few skilled people. The stakes could not be higher. The painful truth is, when the network goes down, bottom lines fall.


As our digital world grows increasingly intricate, fast-paced and complicated, enterprises require one thing above all else: simplicity.


The Vision: The Next-level Network Experience


At Infoblox, we’re leading the way in helping our customers deliver network experiences that are far simpler to manage and more secure. Imagine being able to see, at a glance, whenever unsecured devices join your network—and then automatically ensure that those devices are made secure or quarrantined until they are. Imagine being able to shut down even fast-evolving malware threats in real time, before they can spread inside your network. Imagine being able to radically improve the performance of cloud-based applications in branch locations—from headquarters.


Right now, these imaginings may sound like just that: imagined. But at Infoblox, they are already taking shape.



The Mission: The Relentless Pursuit of Simple


At Infoblox, we believe that the mark of a great network is one that people never have to worry or wonder about. A network that just works, all the time. A network that, for all practical purposes, is invisible. Throughout our company history, we’ve been relentless in our pursuit of making networks simple, secure and worry-free for our customers. And that work continues.


Our Latest Evolution: The BloxOne Platform


So, what are we up to now? Earlier this year, we released the BloxOne™ Platform. An industry first, it provides the foundation for an abundance of rich network management and security capabilities delivered as highly versatile cloud-based applications. The platform greatly simplifies the management of complex network assets, is easily extendable and enables rapid delivery of new features as the become available.


In May, we released the first product built on the platform, BloxOne Threat Defense. It enables our customers to maximize brand protection by powering security orchestration, automation and responses (SOAR) solutions, reduce the time to investigate and remediate cyberthreats and optimize the performance of the security ecosystem as a whole.


In August, we announced our second product based on the platform, BloxOne DDI. It empowers branch offices to manage network interactions with much greater speed and efficiency than conventional networking solutions can. As a result, organizations with large numbers of remote and branch locations can realize the full benefits of SD-WAN deployments, simplify their IT management and bolster reliability.


At Infoblox, we celebrate the advancements of digital transformation and contemplate the changes it holds for all of us. We are eagerly striving toward a world of greater digital simplicity and security. As a company, we not only envision a future of next-level networking experiences. We embody that future. Every day.

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Demo: Infoblox IPAM plug-in integration with OpenStack Newton