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Getting Rid Of DNS Clutter

When are DNS records like dust bunnies? When DHCP leases expire in a hybrid enterprise network, it’s frequently easy for system administrators to overlook decommissioning the associated DNS records. It’s a labor-intensive job that nobody wants to pay attention to. Poor documentation in handoffs or employee turnover often also contribute to the accumulation of stale DNS records. DNS clutter may degrade DNS performance, increase operational overhead and cause name-resolution issues for users.


That’s when stale DNS records proliferate like dust bunnies. That’s when you need the equivalent of an automated Roomba vacuum cleaner to come in and clean up!


It’s important to note that in a pure Infoblox DNS/ DHCP environment, when a DHCP lease expires, Infoblox deletes the DNS record automatically. However, in some Infoblox and Microsoft hybrid environments, this might not be the case. That’s why we’ve created our advanced Infoblox DNS Scavenging feature, which enables automated, intelligent identification and removal of stale DNS information in hybrid environments.


Senior product manager Roger Barlow and I are hosting a 30-minute webinar on Wednesday, April 20, on Building a Best-of-breed DNS, DHCP, IPAM Solution. We’ll share how to build core capabilities that optimize security, visibility and efficiency in Infoblox and Microsoft environments.


You’ll learn:


  • The top challenges organizations face in hybrid environments
  • How Infoblox IPAM overlay optimizes Microsoft DHCP and DNS services
  • Deploying Infoblox DHCP, DNS integrated with Microsoft AD
  • Technical capability demo


Don’t let the complexity or clutter of dust bunnies get you down. Register here. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Infoblox DNS Scavenging in this video:


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