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Infoblox and Qualys Streamline Vulnerability and Compliance Management

If you’re not already automating security scans of your environment to confirm it’s secure, compliant and fully patched with the latest security fixes, researching security technologies like vulnerability scanners should probably be at the top of your to-do list. And for good reason. For most enterprise security operations teams, it’s impossible to manually monitor and manage the growing number of networks, routers, applications, servers, firewalls and devices in an environment – let alone prioritize what vulnerabilities and regulatory challenges to tackle first and then validate that they’re resolved.


Whether you already have a vulnerability scanner or are currently considering one, you also need a strategy to ensure your security tools (and network and security teams) can leverage intelligence from the network – to get maximum value on your investments while saving on time and effort.


Infoblox and Qualys can help with that. Infoblox is the first DDI vendor to integrate with the Qualys Cloud Platform, used by the majority of the Forbes Global 100 to make Qualys Vulnerability Management even more efficient and effective. Because of where Infoblox sits in the network, at the core, it provides unique Actionable Network Intelligence to vulnerability scanners for asset management, threat remediation and compliance. By combining the leading Infoblox DNS solution with the leading Qualys Vulnerability Management solution, organizations can automate scanning when new devices join the network or when malicious activity is detected.


Infoblox DDI and DNS security in combination with Qualys provides you with:


  • Visibility and a single source of truth for IP address management (IPAM) data for devices and networks, which can be leveraged by Qualys for organizing assets and automated tracking.
  • On-demand scanning when new physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure elements join the network or when malicious events are detected to check for security and compliance posture. Infoblox blocks malicious communications at the DNS level and sends notification to Qualys for analysis and remediation.
  • Context for scanning prioritization (e.g., what type of device, where on the network, what department, who they are, IP address, MAC address, etc.).


The bottom line? Do your security ops team a favor. If you aren’t automating vulnerability scanning yet, invest in a solution! If you already have a vulnerability scanner in place, great. Now give it visibility into the network so it can act on DNS security threats, faster. Infoblox works seamlessly with many of your existing security ecosystem technologies and provides network context and intelligence to improve your security posture.


To learn more, read the Partner Solution Brief.


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