Moving To NFV? Don’t Forget The DNS

For service providers, the rewards of successful transformation to NFV (network functions virtualization) are compelling, but the business risks are high. Transitioning to NFV requires change to a live production network while the external environment is becoming less secure and unpredictable.

Join me and Sue Rudd, Director of research firm Strategy Analytics, on Tuesday, March 15th at 8 am Pacific (11 am Eastern) for this 60-minute webinar, Critical DNS Secures the Heart of IP Networks.

We’ll be discussing these important topics:

  • Why DNS is the ‘Beating Heart’ of all IP networks making core functions of the Internet and mobile broadband work
  • What new capabilities network functions virtualization requires that are unavailable with legacy DNS solutions
  • How attacks on the DNS network infrastructure have escalated and how to protect against these new security vulnerabilities

DNS controls critical functions for instant scalability, fast response, and real-time activation of seamless services. Register here to learn how this is essential for successful transition from physical to hybrid to virtualized networks.

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