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Need a DDI solution? Start with a thorough selection process.

DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (“DDI”) are the bedrock of network availability and functionality. You may be doing these functions with “zero-dollar” products and managing IP addresses with a spreadsheet, or you may have a first-generation IP-centric solution. But if your network is dynamic and you don’t want the future to catch you flat-footed you will consider enterprise-grade DDI.

While DDI is invisible to users it is anything but unimportant. In fact, DDI is deceptively critical and something both you and your network will rely on for years to come. When you choose a DDI solution you are choosing a DDI partner. So before committing to this long-term relationship, devise a process that drives to a high-confidence decision.

Specific questions are a good framework for selecting enterprise-grade DDI. Listed below are samples you can use to assess DDI solutions and the people who provide them.

  • Can you demonstrate this DDI solution’s track record of success?
  • Will the DDI solution readily scale to suit my needs?
  • How easy is this solution to use?
  • Does it save me resources? Which ones and how?
  • How reliable is this DDI solution? What makes it reliable?
  • Will this DDI solution help secure my network? Will it make operations running on the network more secure?
  • I have a Windows-based network- how does it enhance that network?
  • I am adopting hybrid and/or public clouds- how does this DDI solution support it?
  • Can this solution improve my network management? How?
  • How does this DDI solution provide new network insight and analysis?
  • Can this DDI solution communicate DDI information to other systems?
  • Are there professional services to facilitate migration?
  • Does the DDI solution itself facilitate adoption and migration?


You can review the Infoblox enterprise-grade DDI solution by visiting Infoblox DDI, and enroll for a free evaluation.



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