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Protect Your Future with Faster, Scalable and Elastic Core Network Services

How do you ensure that your infrastructure keeps one step ahead of your company’s growth? Today’s IT organizations are dealing with more offices, BYOD, public and private clouds, virtual commuters, ubiquitous cameras, VoIP, public WiFi, IoT devices… the list is endless and quickly expanding. You know that your IT environment has to be able to scale quickly as your network grows. This agility is particularly important so that your business can compete effectively in a changing climate.


With this in mind, we have extended and improved our Infoblox DDI appliances to help you scale DNS, DHCP and IP address management (critical network services collectively known as DDI) by increasing compute capacity and enabling appliances to spin up and down on the fly as needed – to be responsive to future demands of your network, whatever they may be.


If you’re not familiar with Infoblox’s core network services, here’s a quick recap. Infoblox delivers Actionable Network Intelligence through its core network services using Infoblox GridTM architecture– created by linking distributed appliances together to make an integrated system that’s easier to manage and is scalable and more reliable. We provide purpose-built appliances for delivery of core network services because they have higher performance, are centrally managed and are more secure than software running on general-purpose servers. Our DDI solutions are available on a variety of physical, virtual and cloud appliances, which can support any size environment.


Our new appliances, offered on physical and virtual form factors, work seamlessly with all existing Infoblox grids that are based on Trinzic® appliances (running NIOS 7.3 software and above).


What’s new: High performance appliances and elastic scaling!

Foremost, we’ve increased compute capacity so that Trinzic appliances serve your applications better. Both DNS Queries per Second (QPS) and DHCP Leases per Second (LPS) can be processed up to 50% faster. With this increased capacity, you can confidently deliver security and operational services (e.g., logging, security analytics) with no impact to DNS/DHCP protocol performance.


Also, in line with the cloud model that provides more flexibility and processing on demand, we’ve engineered the Infoblox Grid to elastically scale up and down as needed, adding new appliances to the grid automatically. Now you won’t waste time spinning up new resources – and there’s no IT required.


Lastly, we’re making our licensing model more flexible as well. Learn how we now

to better align with your budget cycles, priorities and cost constraints.


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