The Case for Non-Microsoft DNS

Whether it’s the internet or your directory services-based network, the Domain Name System (DNS) is the glue that holds it together. A simple DNS failure can translate into business failure.


If you think Microsoft DNS is a requirement to run Microsoft Active Directory, then you are not alone. When it comes to choosing DNS for use with Active Directory, most administrators simply pick “what’s in the box from Microsoft.”


Microsoft MVP Jeremy Moskowitz of PolicyPak Software shares why this doesn’t need to be so in “Active Directory and Non-Microsoft DNS: Facts and Fiction,” a new white paper sponsored by Infoblox. Among the insights Moskowitz share are:


  • Technical facts supporting the use of non-Microsoft DNS with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Customer stories where non-Microsoft DNS is used to increase security, visibility, efficiency and reduce TCO
  • Common misconceptions related to using "Microsoft only" DNS


Get your free copy of this in-depth white paper <> to understand the best solution for both your external and internal DNS, and why non-Microsoft DNS might be the answer. 



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