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What is DNS, and Why is it a Critical Element of the Internet?

In one of our recent blogs, What is the Internet?’, we discovered that San Franciscans are shockingly uninformed about the inner workings of the Internet. Similarly, when we went back out on the streets of San Francisco to ask locals about the Domain Name System, or DNS, not one person knew what it was.  Check out the video interviews. However, when it comes to the Internet and cybersecurity, knowledge is power, and we’re here to empower you.


What is DNS?


DNS is a critical element of the Internet - essentially acting as a phone book. For anyone too young to be familiar with a phone book, it was this enormous telephone directory printed in a book and delivered to your home. Similarly, DNS is also a directory. It brings users to websites by converting internet protocol, or IP addresses, into readable domains. 


Without DNS, everyone would have to remember long strings of numbers to access different websites. Sometimes it’s hard enough to remember what was for lunch, so it's easy to imagine how disastrous a day without DNS would be. 


Watch the video to see what the good people of San Francisco said when asked about DNS.



How can organizations protect their DNS?


Fortunately, organizations never have to worry about DNS issues because Infoblox provides solutions to protect it from malicious actors. Infoblox manages enterprises’ DNS through its DDI solution, which automatically prevents against internal and external DNS-based cyberattacks on an organization's network.


Some solutions, such as DNS over HTTP (DoH) are gaining traction in the community. However, some applications that support DoH deliberately ignore local DNS client configuration, which can cause major problems for enterprise networks. 


Infoblox offers a comprehensive DNS security solution which is trusted by City University of Seattle and thousands of other customers. To keep your company online and hacker-free, find out your DNS security risk score

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