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Admin Permissions

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I have two grids, one for test and one for development.  One one grid, I have created a permission called BASIC that has six lines.  Three of them, I can create with my eyes closed.  The other three, I simply cannot recall how I did it, and I cannot find an example as to how to recreate it.


All three of the permissions are similar.  How do I recreate them? It's driving me nuts.






Re: Admin Permissions

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Hello fitzie,

- could you confirm your NIOS version ? 

- I think you can achieve this setup by going in the permissions of the object , then drop down menu on the last column and you should have options other than the network (it should display ranges in the network, IPv4 hosts in the network)


- but maybe your question is related to the fact your screenshot mentions "Hosts in" versus "IPv4 hosts" ?


hope this helps

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