Associating the IPv6 prefix and IPv4 prefix used on the same L2 network

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I want to model "networks" e.g. a L2 Lan, P-P link, or Loopback interface

that each have associated with them:

- an IPv4 prefix, AND

- an IPv6 prefix



How do I link together my IPv4 and IPv6 address trees?

I want to link together IPv4 and IPv6 "Network" objects (e.g. used on the same LAN)

and ideally the "Network Container" objects (e.g. "All Student networks")


One thought would be for a database key ("network name" with values like "core-building1") that can be used once in an IPv4 Network object and once in an IPv6 Network object, and that would associate these two objects.
Then you could do queries like "which L2 networks have IPv4, but not IPv6".


We can't use Vlan number as a key, as we reuse the same number e.g. 6 is the User Vlan routed in each building, also p-p L3 network links don't have a Vlan number, ...



A product improvement idea would be to have Network objects with both IPv4 and IPv6 attributes, just like Host entries can have IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Re: Associating the IPv6 prefix and IPv4 prefix used on the same L2 network

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This can always be a challenging scenario to cover because what you would find helpful is not always helpful for others. The easiest way to accomplish what you are looking for here would be to use Extensible Attributes. You can determine the naming conventions and values you want to use to create the 'key' that ties these together and then use Smart Folders to easily pull up that information.


This is exactly what those features are intended for and I think would be fairly easy for you to setup. You can even do an export of all networks to CSV file, and using that as a template, remove the columns that you do not want to update, add the columns for the appropriate Extensible Attributes that you are looking to update and then use the CSV Import feature to update the networks with these changes. This would help you with making a large number of changes without the need to go in and touch every single network individually.


Additionally, if there is a particular enhancement that you have in mind, I would recommend opening a case with Infoblox Support asking for that and they can create a feature request on your behalf. This would be the best way to make sure that your suggestion gets visibility and can be considered for future updates.




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