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I am fairly new to bulk imports for changes. I am trying to change the DNS name for some hosts and change them to a manual DHCP entry but I am getting an error - Update aborted due to The action is not allowed. A parent was not found


hostrecord10.10.10.10host1host2New Test Import 52 EntryTRUEFALSETRUECompany-Authoritative-NS
hostaddress host110.10.10.1010.10.10.10TRUE00:00:00:00:00:00TRUEMAC_ADDRESSCompany-Authoritative-NS

Re: Bulk Import change

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The issue could be with the fqdn or if you need to specify a DNS view. Hosts must have a zone to be associated with so if the fqdn for the zone is not specified or not available in the default view you could receive an error like this.


I would recommend performing a CSV export of the data set you would like to make changes to so that you have a template to work with that should have all of the appropriate parameters.


Hope that helps!

Steve S.
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