Can I use a IPv4 Filter to redirect Apple OSX DDNS updates?

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macOS clients need to register their names but cannot until they bind to the MSFT domain; is there a way to utilize a filter or something else within the Grid to have the DHCP Server do the client update to the MSFT domain rather than the macOS client doing its update since it cannot because it's not bound to the domain.  And yes, the MSFT is 'secure only'  Smiley Happy 

Re: Can I use a IPv4 Filter to redirect Apple OSX DDNS updates?

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You can configure the DHCP Server to do the DDNS Update when the DHCP Server leases out the IP.


Assuming that you have an External DNS Server and the MSFT Clients are getting leases from a particular Range / Network in Infoblox DHCP.


You can edit the corresponding Network / Range > Toggle Advanced Mode > IPv4 DDNS


Override the settings > Enable DDNS Updates and configure the MSFT Domains name and other settings as per requirement.


After which, you can select the "Configure DDNS" option from the Toolbar to configure the IP address of your DNS Server which hosts the MSFT Domain as well as the TSIG / GSS-TSIG Key required for the update.


Please refer to "Enabling DDNS for IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP Clients" and "Sending Updates for Zones on an External Name Server" in the NIOS Administrator Guide for reference.


Hope this helps.


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