Can not resolve reverse lookup

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Hello, i am a newbie here, after reading all the answers from the forum, i just can not find any answer Smiley Happy


I am working in the ISP and the admin of infoblox, currently we are slowly migrating from BIND to Infoblox.


i have created the PTR records and A records (some A records is created at the client's nameserver), however after doing a testing using some network tool such as mxtoolbox dsstuff and whatsmydns, i am beting error message from them such as.

" Sorry, we couldn't find any name servers for '' "


Can anyone help me and guide me on this.



Hakim Abdullah

Re: Can not resolve reverse lookup

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First, if you directly ask your Infoblox DNS Server, does it resolv the records/zones?


   dig @<ip-of-your-ib-appliance> <fqdn>


Second, did you assign a delegation for the reverse zone? Usually you would to that at the network provider of the customers public networks.


You can use dig to see if the delegations are set correctly to your zone like:


   dig <rev-zone> +trace



Re: Can not resolve reverse lookup

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Have you tried using dig @<your DNS server>

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