Can't filter current DHCP leases on "state" field

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I was sat with a client today going through some DHCP stuff and noticed that we couldn't filter the current leases using the "state" field - I wanted to show them how to identify abandoned addresses so they could clear them out while they migrate from another solution. This field also isn't sortable, so you can't group all the abandoned leases together.


Sure we can see them in the lease history, but we wanted to see current abandoned leases, not historical ones. And if you do clear them they still appear in the history anyway.


It's therefore kind of hard to find and select the abandoned leases if you wanted to manually clear them. I was quite surprised we couldn't filter the current leases this way - am I missing something as it doesn't look like a hard thing to do?

Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

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Re: Can't filter current DHCP leases on "state" field

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Hi Paul,


I see your point as the "abandoned" addresses are not sortable which can make it more difficult to find all of these in your use case.


Abandoned addresses are designed to be cleaned up or reclaimed automatically as they are needed which is likely why this has not become a specific feature. You should not need to manually reclaim addresses unless you are troubleshooting a specific issue or in the use case that you metioned where they are created during a migration. 


It is possible to identify and clear the abandoned leases via the API, which may be something to consider if necessary.


Hope that helps!

Steve S.
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