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Checking DDI AD sync status via snmp

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For some reason our ad syncs fail from time to time. Is there a way to extract the ad sync status from snmp or is this only some thing i can get with the wapi ? We would like to get notified that er isnt any sync happening instead of us find out after some weeks.

Re: Checking DDI AD sync status via snmp

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At this time I believe there are only these MIBs:

ms-server-up (17), -- Microsoft server is active
ms-server-down (18), -- Microsoft server is inactive
ms-service-up (19), -- Microsoft service connection is up
ms-service-down (20), -- Microsoft service connection is down


I'm sure some sort of script could be written to help here....i'm checking around.

Re: Checking DDI AD sync status via snmp

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We would also be very interested in a way to get notified if the MS DNS sync is failing. Has there been anything that has been thought of for this?

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