Collapsing a DNS Sub-Zone

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Right now, if you have a DNS zone with dotted-notation records for a sub-domain, creating a matching sub-zone pushes the records down into that newly created sub-zone.  If, however, one deletes a DNS sub-zone, all the records inside it go away, too.

Is there any way to delete a sub-zone and have its records float up into the parent with dotted-notation for the sub-domains?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Bryan

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Hi Bryan 

I did not test this but one idea might be to leverage csv export for the subzone data 

(the records should be exported as FQDNs) then cleanup (remove Ns, soa) and reimport data in parent zone after the sub zone is deleted 

it does ​not look ideal but might help 


Sorry to resurect this very

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Sorry to resurect this very old post, but this question remains for us.

Has a better way been determined?   I'm most interested in minimizing (or eliminating) the down-time for records in the sub zones.


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