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Configuration LAN2 as OSPF Interface

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Hi all,

Good day to you guys.


I would like to ask you about configuration LAN2 interface as OSPF advertisement interface for ANYCAST.

When I check the config for Anycast using OSPF, there is no selectable button for LAN2. Only found for LAN1. So, I thought that may b I didn't set DNS interface for LAN2. Then I did and check again OSPF Anycast config. Still no config for LAN2. I want to know that LAN2 interface is not available for OSPF advertisement or what?






Re: Configuration LAN2 as OSPF Interface

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Hello MM,


Unfortunately at present we do not have the option to support OSPF in LAN2.  We do have a feature request for the same which has been internally identified as RFE-2798. 


Hope this helps.




Manu M

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