DHCP IPv4 Failover Associations

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I have configured DHCP IPv4 failover associations between 2 infoblox independent appliances.The status of the failover says OK but when I try to stop DHCP service on primary , I do not see my secondary assigning IP addresses to my clients.I see the below error: 


DHCPDISCOVER from <ip address> : Peer holds all free leases


I have configured exclusion ranges on  both devices, i.e.range allowed on device 1 is excluded on 2 and vice versa.

Also, the load balancing data is set to balanced in the failover settings.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?




Re: DHCP IPv4 Failover Associations

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If you stopped the DHCP service on one of the nodes in the failover association, the other node will try to respond to client requests that the offline node should be responsible for after the timeout/load balancing timers are triggered, using the free leases that have been allocated to it.


When things are working properly, the two nodes will maintain as close to a 50/50 balance of available leases at any given time. They do this in case the other node goes offline due to a connectivity issue, but might still be serving client requests local to it. If you know for a fact that one server is going to be offline for an extended period of time, then you would want to place the online node into "Parter Down Mode".


With Parter Down Mode, the online server will start using all available leases, including those allocated to its peer, once the MCLT timer has elapsed (1 hour by default). The nodes will automatically exit the partner down state once they both are online again.


Hope this helps.



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