DNS IPV4/IPV6 combination problem

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Recentrly we obtained the Trinzic 1420 DDI appliance, at our testing LAB we've configured DNS DHCP service to provide tboth services for one of our vlans and for both IPV4 nad IPV6.


In our testing we realized that DDNS works as expected just in one case when we are separating both IPV4 and IPV6 into two different domains or subdomains.

When we are trying to provide IPV4 nad IPV6 DDNS  on the same domain ipv6 DDNS fails...

After examining the log files we found that IPV6 DDNS fails to updats host records because there is already hostname on ipv4 and it fails when registring TXT record with the specific uid....


the question why it fails when the uid are different on the TXT records its npt the same for IPV4 and IPV6.


we appreciate if someone already had the same problem. and have a resulotion for this problem.



Saleh Hussary

IBM RIS team.



Re: DNS IPV4/IPV6 combination problem

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The DHCID needs to match when using Standard ISC (default), I suggest you read the NIOS Administrators Guide, and search for "Configuring DDNS Update Verification".


Specifically Look at the options

  • Standard ISC

  • ISC Transitional

  • Check TXT only

  • No TXT record

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