Data Import Wizard

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New to using the DIW


Pretty straight up until 

global DNS configuration page



When I right click an object a pop up screen comes up showing many import options.  Is there a description of what the options and choices are?


Secondly the text says click the link to the Wizard Tips at the bottom of this window.  Has that gone away as I don't see any links for this.




Re: Data Import Wizard

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The DIW (Data Import Wizard) includes the available help inline and is displayed in the pane on the left hand side of the main DIW window. The help is updated to display information relevation to page that you are on. The menu options that are available will also vary depending on the objects that you are clicking on, including whether you have selected multiple objects and if so, if multiple, different types of objects were selected and may also vary depending on the version of the DIW that you are using.


In general, the menu options that are displayed correspond to configuration options that are available in NIOS. For example:


Set Zone Type: Set whether the zone should be imported as is (No Change), or be changed to be of type primary (Master), secondary (Slave), Forward or Stub.


The reference to the Wizard Tips may no longer be valid and you may want to report this to Infoblox Support so that any corrections that may be warranted can be made.

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