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Delegation of Single IP Address or non CIDR within Container

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We are trying to delegate small ranges within a network.  However, it seems that you are only able to delegate a network which means that the router and broadcast are no longer usible.  Also, you can't delegate a /31 etc within a container etc so to give a single IP address to a user you have to use at a minimmum a /30.


How to do this?


IE, in a network the address and and are managed by another group than the rest.  This is the way that our network is and our current solution which we are trying to migrate away from does this perfectly well.


This sounds like I need a feature request from infoblox to support this.


Thanks for ideas, it is make or break as to whether we keep them or not.




Re: Delegation of Single IP Address or non CIDR within Container

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Just use resererved addresses and reserved ranges within a larger network. Then use Extensible Attributes to add the owner to those items.

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