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Does difference hardware models support HA pair failover?

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Dear, I am a beginner of Infoblox. We have an old model, 550, in using. Maybe it will be replaced in the future, but not now. Recently, we purchased a new TE825. Does difference models support to form an HA pair? If this scenario works, the old 550's NOIS is 6.5.8, and we don't prefer to upgrade the 550 to new NOIS version, so can TE825 be downgraded to 6.5.8? Thanks in advance. Eric

Re: Does difference hardware models support HA pair failover?

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Unfortunatelly, the Hardware and NIOS versions are not compatible to each other.


You cannot use your 825 hardware with a 6.x or 7.x release.

Your 550 hardware can not run with 8.x.


So you would need to:


1) Upgrade to a virtual Trinzic 820

2) Upgrade NIOS to 8.x

3) Replace the virtual 820 with the pyhsical 825



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