Edit IPAM data by using CSV Import

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Hi ,

I'm new to this product, I have a question, can we use CSV import to bluk edit some data in IPAM?

We have several public IP segments, and we have a table of  internal IP mapping with external IP.


Now, we create the network in IPAM like.    and it generates 254 IP addresses.

We have to click the public IP and add "host" record, then set the internal IP in the "Name" field.  It's really a headache.


we tried importing CSV, but it was showing

"Line 3: Fetching object failed due to The selected object could not be found"


Following is the CSV we imported.


version 1.0


Re: Edit IPAM data by using CSV Import

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It’s not entirely clear how you went about the import process. Simply put, yes, you can perform bulk adds, edits, and deletes using CSV files. There’s a CSV reference manual available to walk you through the specifics.

When you create a network, Infoblox doesn’t “create” the IP addresses. Actually, nothing exists except the network profile (or object) itself. The IP addresses are displayed to help you visually see what’s available based on the size of the network you created. You need to create an object at the target IP.

As for tracking public to private IP maps, I highly suggest you use the name field for the actual name of the server/service served at that IP. Then use an Extensible Attribute (that you define…call it “Private IP”) and put the private IP address in that field.

Also, if you create a HOST object, this will give you the ability to automatically create a PTR record. This could be important IF you will be using Infoblox as your sole source of authority for DNS data. If not, you can still use this but keep in my that you’ll have disjoint management of the data.
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