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Exchange Issue

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Dear All


After migrate DNS "Integrated with AD" and intall bind tool in AD servers everything is working fine for 7 hours

then suddenly email stop working . we add DNS ip address of Infoblox to alll Exchange servers and restart them 

and we faced same issue but suddenlt send emails then again stop.


Can anyone help us and advise why Exchange keep hanging 


Note all services in networking fine except Exchange server 2013


Re: Exchange Issue

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Is your exchange server running in a cluster mode ?

Check the exchange server DNS logs, it is probably a DDNS update issue.

Then look in the syslog of the Infoblox server and look for DDNS update errors


They should point you in the right direction.


The usual fix is to either check the DDNS update ACLS on the zone. Or locate the DNS records for the exchange server in Infoblox, and either delete them (so the DDNS update can put them back correctly) or switch them from HOST records to A & PTR.

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